About Bakery

photo: microphoto of bread, from the microtaco series. ©2011 adam saynuk

Without great creative, design is worthless.

When's the last time you looked at something and said, "That's really well done! It's not inventive in any way, it doesn't stand out, it's generic. It can be bought by anyone quickly and cheaply, and it says nothing of any particular value to set it apart. But boy is that a great design!"

It's not possible.

Great design is rooted in great creative. And great creative takes effort, time, and most importantly, an open mind.

A Bakery Creative Workshop is where our clients and creatives open minds to make great creative. And Bakery builds something uniquely exceptional upon that creative, in order to solve our clients' business challenges.

About Adam Saynuk

photo: microphoto of ice on a farmhouse window, from Morning Macro. ©2011 adam saynuk

Adam launched Bakery in January 2011, the next step in his creative career of more than fifteen years. Prior to founding Bakery, Adam worked as creative head at RiskMetrics Group through many acquisitions, a major rebrand, and an IPO; led creative brand and identity development at MSCI; designed for Low+Associates; and consulted on selected projects all along.

Adam also has an active art career, as the energy behind Morning Macro—a macro/microphotography art site, various other art projects, photography for hire in the New York metro area, as well as several art shows from time to time as a photographer, drawer, painter and digital artist.

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