Bubba's Lost Shirt

Travis Mathew, the company that makes pro golfer Bubba Watson's polo shirts, sponsored a contest to design Bubba's next new shirt design. The only guidelines were to use the supplied template for the shirt to which the design would be applied. It was a fun opportunity to try and create something that nobody else entering the contest would think of.

I didn't win.

It may have been to far "out there" for them. Bummer.

The Supplied Template


My goal with this project is to produce a design which is pleasing, unique, and contains a deeper level of information than the design may initially suggest. For these reasons, my starting point is the personality of Bubba Watson himself.

We can learn about Bubba at his website, bubbawatson.com, and the speedy advance of social media has made it possible for us to receive constant updates of Bubba's thougths and travels—and maybe even communicate back with him—through Twitter.

This development is at once exciting and frustrating. Because as we all become closer digitally, we perhaps drift apart personally, lost inside the larger, growing, and disparate digital social network.

For these reasons, I first created a barcode for Bubba's shirts (using a code 128 barcode symbology), in order to appropriately label him on the golf course. This helps reinforce the statement that there is a person behind the information, behind the tweets, behind the data. And I took these two barcodes and evolved them a little until their barcode-ness is unrecognizable in the third design.

Second, I went a step further and created a QR code for the two addresses above through bit.ly. QR codes add a layer of tracking ability to web addresses, so that the people tracking Bubba become tracked themselves. And a pattern that looks like urban camouflage is actually the complete opposite in the digital world.



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