Partnering to launch a group-deal site for crafters and DIY-ers

How can BAKERY help?

CrafterMania was just forming a business and company when they approached BAKERY to help design the site. We worked together from the beginning to develop a user flow and wireframe for the flash deal site; build message and an identity for the brand.

We surveyed the existing craft category and found a wide range of divergent styles across craft sites and brands. Some were very modern and embraced a more "Martha Stewart" kind of look and feel, while others were seemingly stuck in the web of the 90's. For crafterMania, we wanted to build a brand that was fun, crafty, modern, consistent, unique, and functional.

What we did

"The first impression is formed in 1/20 of a second" ~SiteTuners

We settled on a whimsical and modern color palette of red-oranges and pale blue-greens, bringing the colors of innovation in harmony with the colors of calm and technology. We created an efficient flow for the site visitor from login to purchase in a few simple steps. A new visitor can sign up for an account, place the deal of the day into their cart, and buy it in only three clicks. Control elements and important information are colored orange to set them apart as the most important elements to interact with and see.

In an internet where even one click and page load feels like work, we have created an efficient and speedy system to encourage sales.

We chose to incorporate just enough craft supply items into the design to keep the site rooted in the craft world, without cluttering up the experience for visitors. Fun elements like shirt buttons are used to draw attention to promotion links; snipped page edges reinforce the brand on every page; staples are used to hold down information cards throughout the site. Handwritten type figures prominently into many elements of the experience. These examples give the site a high touchability, when that tactile sense is missing from so many web experiences. It was important for our target audience of crafters to feel welcomed into this site by elements they may interact with on a regular basis.

As part of the site's marketing, we have created a "Famous crafters through history" campaign which Tweeted two new quotes every day, using well-known sayings and placing crafts in them instead. This helped to build a light, friendly, whimsical personality for the brand, while inviting new people from the crafting community to follow our Tweets. We analyzed the times of day when most @crafterMania followers were likely to be online, and scheduled our messages to go out at those times, increasing the liklihood we would be read in their streams.

In addition, we created a business card and a marketing flyer for use at craft shows, where crafterMania would be building relationships with suppliers and manufacturers whose items would sell on the site. The business card was designed to become an earbud winder with a few quick folds. Several steps are noted on the back of the card, and the card holder is referred to crafterMania's parent site, makeMania, in order to join the community and see the full instructions for folding the card into an earbud winder.

The crafterMania marketing flyer was made quickly on a very small budget, and brings more of the elements of the craft culture into its design, in keeping with the brand on the site.

BAKERY continues to work with crafterMania on marketing plans, message, and design. crafterMania has since launched and offers great deals to crafters, making their crafts more fun and less expensive. I look forward to crafterMania's bright future!

Thank you crafterMania for bringing BAKERY into the exciting and fun world of crafts!

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"Working with Adam and BAKERY has been a real pleasure. Many people call themselves graphic designers, but Adam is the real deal.

First of all, Adam is extremely creative and tackles the hurdles of communicating complex information in a very effective way. Just as important, Adam is very professional and brings a wealth of experience to his projects.

I've worked with many designers who take their designs very personally and leave little room for client feedback. Adam is the opposite - he is dedicated to delivering an outstanding final product and meeting the client needs, all while explaining his thought process, rather then getting overly defensive. That marriage of creativity and professionalism is tough to come by.

I enthusiastically recommend BAKERY and look forward to working with Adam more."