Partnering to launch a social-based platform for medical device funding and development

How can BAKERY help?

EnHatch is a small startup composed of experienced veterans from the medical device R&D field. EnHatch will radically change the way medical devices are funded, developed, and marketed.

In order to take on the entrenched old guard of the multi-billion dollar medical device industry, Enhatch needed a clearly defined message and some brand, identity, and web development help.

What we did

Going to school

BAKERY spent time getting immersed in EnHatch's vision, and learning how the medical device industry works. This fascinating context helped BAKERY to bring insights into the conversation about EnHatch's unique value proposition and how it is expressed.

We started by defining Enhatch's offering.

EnHatch empowers medical innovators
to hatch good ideas into great products.

This statement outlined a messaging framework into which the other expressions of the brand needed to fit, from a language perspective and a visual one.

The solution - clean, a professional brand and clear messaging

BAKERY designed a simple logo to capture the concept of idea incubation in a single simple mark. Merging two clich├ęs into one (the egg and the lightbulb) creates a whimsical new form that feels fresh and friendly. The EnHatch capital "E" stands in as the lighbulb's screw mount, a subtle and delightful detail.

"A professionally-designed brand builds confidence in the viewer and has been shown to increase sales 4-10%." ~SiteTuners

Next, BAKERY invested time and effort to revise several rounds of website homepages, in order to clarify EnHatch's mission from the start, and give visitors a clear path to take action once they arrive. Sourcing knowledge from the B2C product and service world, and taking advice from local venture capital advisors, we created a homepage that clearly communicates what EnHatch does and what we want the user to do there.

BAKERY also consulted with EnHatch on their soft launch strategy at TechCrunch San Francisco, and continues to work with them to build an engaging experience in their iPhone apps for collaboration and crowd-sourced funding.

Thank you EnHatch for the opportunity to partner with you to launch this awesome, disruptive new platform!

See EnHatch's site


"Adam is like a marketing guy, a branding guy, a developer, and a designer all rolled into one.

"Adam has the unique ability to take a really crappy prototype I give him, and create a work of art. He is very professional when receiving feedback, and adjusts and works through the process with us in a very collaborative way, until the concept I'm trying to convey becomes a very functional and beautiful product.

"We look forward to working with Adam for many years to come."