Think Wrong with Adam Saynuk

How to Start?

Before we were WITH i.t., we were looking for an image that would reflect our core values and what we wanted to accomplish. At the time, our brand communicated what our business was, but didn't extend beyond that. When we approached Adam with our dilemma we could see a light bulb switch on. He understood exactly what we envisioned without having to spend a lot of time figuring out what we meant. Now the process had to start. Our initial assumption was that we would have the occasional meeting with follow up emails until we had our design fleshed out and a solid brand. I can now say that I am glad our assumptions were wrong. The first item on the agenda for Adam was getting us in a room with other creative people and having fun.

Yes, A Workshop

It took some haggling, but we agreed to do a weekend Workshop. Excitement built as the weekend approached and occasional emails warned us to "leave all assumptions behind", but we were skeptical. How much can you really get done in a weekend? This was our entire identity we were talking about. The first morning was upon us and we all met up at a very beautiful, artsy apartment in Brooklyn. We were part of a group that averaged five people throughout the weekend where we doodled, colored, laughed and played around. All the while my partner and I were wondering when we would get to the design and business talk. It wasn't until the end of the first day that Adam pulled together all the seemingly random exercises into something we never really expected. In the last 20 minutes we had developed the core of our brand, that my partner and I both agreed on (which can be hard to do sometimes) and built a solid foundation for the next day. It was then we realized everything was going to work.

After the Honeymoon

The workshop was a success! And the final designs were finished shortly after. Our experience with Adam was excellent. We have since grown very attached to our brand, and really look forward to ways to extend it with all sorts of crazy ideas. One important thing I've realized since is that it is very hard to trust someone else with the face of your business. You may try to pick out the minuscule details and fuss over the little things but at the end of the day you have to let the artist do what they do best. Before this realization we spent too much time in the details instead of looking at the larger picture. Fortunately for us Adam has a lot of patience! We highly recommend Adam for any design project.


John Daily
co-founder & CTO
WITH i.t.