Developing a New Brand Message, Identity, & Website for a Financial Services Firm

How can BAKERY help?

Red Swan engaged BAKERY to simply design a new, professional business card. We ended up making so much more.

What we did

Asking questions

After a valuable discussion about the direction of their brand, it became clear that Red Swan was not communicating the full message about what they can do for clients. We immediately became immersed in Red Swan's business in order to understand it and work with them to build a new, sharp, clear definition for the company.

BAKERY embarked on a multi-session workshop with Red Swan's managing partners, interviewed clients, and collaborated to build a new definition of their business. Instantly understanding the value of committing their attention and focus to building the brand message, Red Swan spent a great deal of time working with BAKERY to build a new, clear vision for the company's communications and identity.

The solution - Message, Clarity, Identity, Website, and more...

Out of the workshops, we extracted the base boilerplate language describing the company; an honest, clear, factual description of the business. In the movie business, they call it a logline—the one sentence description of what the script is about. This is different than a tagline, a teaser, a headline, or a campaign.

The company boilerplate captures the whole business in one descriptive phrase, against which all other marketing messages can be compared for consistency. Here's what we came up with:

Red Swan's trusted data validation, analytics expertise, and custom reporting empower Hedge Funds, Funds of Funds, and Asset Managers to clearly understand, monitor, and communicate risk.

It sounds simple, and it should. It takes a lot of work to make something complex look easy.

Next, we explored ways to express the brand in words and pictures, always looking to build on to the basic message we had made in the previous exercise. While the Red Swan mark may seem obvious now, it wasn't always so. We explored different images, and flocks of swan variations to arrive at the strong, stoic, sharp, relaxed, and aggressive-looking swan which ultimately made it to the business card. This guy is a conglomeration of the silhouetted qualities of at least 4 or 5 swans. And his shape was informed by dozens of them in various positions.

"Pictures are processed by our brain 400x-500x faster than words" ~SiteTuners

Ultimately, the value of a mark that "pictifies" the company name held great value for a firm looking to place its seal of approval on risk reporting documents which meet their strict requirements.


After the business card, BAKERY continued to build Red Swan's communication collateral, beginning with the website. We created a deck of content that clearly spoke to the services offered by Red Swan and supported the company's boilerplate. It was important to show that Red Swan's process is integral to their product and service offering. This helps clients understand that Red Swan's high-quality results are only possible by going through the steps which ensure a high-quality result. This concept was reinforced through the use of a process flow directly in the site's main navigation.

Additionally, BAKERY has built a case study document for Red Swan (overnight and last minute), and we plan to continue working with Red Swan to build the brand.

Thank you Red Swan for the opportunity to help build your brand!

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"We knew we got it right when clients started complimenting our cards and described their needs as if they were reading off of our website.

Adam invested the time needed to understand our business to create a brand message and image that resonated with our vision.

He brings a level of passion and enthusiasm to the table that invigorates the process and gets everyone involved."