Converting a Flash website to work
on iPhones and iPads

How can BAKERY help?

The String Theory had a beautiful, interactive, tag-based portfolio site that they loved. But it had one MAJOR problem—it was based in Flash, and wouldn't work on iPhones and iPads.

The String Theory asked BAKERY to help convert the site to a technology that would work on the Apple iOS, which increasingly makes up a huge portion of web traffic, especially in the creative market in which The String Theory operates.

In addition, the amount of content being managed through Flash was becoming unwieldy for String Theory and their existing provider, with time lags and accessibilty to the site's backend becoming greater problems.

What we did

Gathering data - lots of it

BAKERY audited the entire catalog of String Theory's portfolio and site. We found just over 100 video samples, with multiple-field descriptions and cross-tagged pages for each of them. In addition, there were several descriptive pages such as awards, about the company, and location.

BAKERY took these observations, along with several sprawling files of content from String Theory, and merged them to a united resource for building the new site.

The solution - accessibility & flexibility

Working with Walkabout Design on the backend, we chose Joomla, opting for a friendly content management system which would allow String Theory to edit and manipulate their own web content, should they choose. In addition, we chose Vimeo Pro to house String Theory's growing library of incredible motion graphics and editing work.

We re-loaded all the video content to Vimeo Pro by hand, and built a template in Joomla to support the tagging structure which was a highly useful feature of the portfolio's organization. We connected the Vimeo resources to the Joomla template, resulting in a beautiful new String Theory site that keeps all the things they loved (tagging, cool tapestries of work, high-end look) while adding all the things they needed (iOS compatibility, speedy updating, easy access to content from the backend, & a pile of additional new content).

Thank you String Theory for the opportunity to work on your portfolio showcase!

See the String Theory's site


"Having worked with
Adam Saynuk and BAKERY now for several different projects, I can confidently attest that you will simply find no better collaborator, developer, designer or thinker to get your project realized to its fullest potential.

"From my company's large scale, CMS-based, video-heavy website, to a modest showcase/portfolio site, to a small indie start-up identity package, I have seen BAKERY take these projects from start to finish with enthusiasm, intelligence, and passion—regardless of scope or scale. They meticulously keep to budget, and rigorously maintained schedule, all the while offering positive insights in how to improve and elevate the final products both in quality, originality and 'bang for the buck.'

"Quite simply, there is no job too big, or too small, for this group. Not only have I used them repeatedly for my company's work, and have recommended BAKERY to friends and colleagues. I have also recommended them to my clients as well. High praise indeed."