What is a Bakery Creative Workshop?


A Bakery Workshop is an approach to challenges which removes the normal, boring, un-memorable and just plain unremarkable ideas from the creative process.


Clients and creatives gather for several intensive, fun, day-long sessions aimed to solve a particular challenge. This approach cuts out much of the slow, disconnected back-and-forth from client to designer to client, etc... This time together also ensures that clients have an opportunity to communicate their ideas and the group can explore ideas together that clients may have never imagined could work.


Bakery Workshops use a process based on Think Wrong, a method pioneered by John Bielenberg and Project M. This methodology outlines a set of conditions necessary for a creative workshop to function, and directs participants to engage eachother and ideas from perspectives they wouldn't typically on their own.

The workshop is intended to remove participants from their comfort zones in order to realize something unique, which would not be possible by following typical patterns of thought and solution.


Pronounced "spaz-ahngst," spaßangst is the mixture of two words meaning: fun and fear. This state is roughly equal to the feeling one experiences at the top of a roller coaster's first hill. When the participants in a workshop group experience spaßangst, they know they are on the right track to allow an idea to be born.